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Featured Products of Apacer Booth in Computex Taipei 2011
Industrial SSD Solutions l DRAM Memory Modules l Digital Consumer Products

Industrial SSD Solutions
Apacer's Industrial SSD Solutions is the perfect replacement of traditional hard drives. This SSD solutions use standard SATA,PATA, Compact Flash and USB interface control technology to meet the storage needs of the fast-growing embedded market. For our customers, Apacer delivers a global memory module manufacturer and supply chain whose products have been independently tested as some of the best on the market in performance, reliability and Quality.

Enterprise SSD Line:
Meet strict standard demands which feature large capacity, superior performance and high IOPS with robust reliability and endurance.

Industrial SSD Line:
Offer a range of different specifications for size, angle, thickness, and functions as well as capacities with strong performance and wide temperature support.

SATA SSD Series: SAFD (Serial ATA Flash Drive) / SDM (SATA Disk Module)
PATA SSD Series: AFD (ATA Flash Drive) / ADM (ATA Disk Module)
Flash Card Series: Industrial CF/ATA CF/ CFast/ Industrial SD
USB SSD Series: UDM (USB Disk Module)

Secure SSD Line:
Apacer industrial SSD series with built-in value-added features provide the highest level of CoreEraser, CoreDestoryer and CoreProtector Technologies for customers to strengthen security advantages including prompt data protection, self-encryption and higher reliability in today harsh-environment applications.

DRAM Memory Modules
At Apacer, we pride ourselves on our first-rate R&D team, and on the care and precision with which every stage in the memory module production process is monitored and controlled. Apacer provides high-quality, high-performance, high-speed memory modules that have won numerous international awards.

–Desktop Memory Series/ Industrial Desktop Memory Series
–Notebook Memory Series/ Industrial Notebook Memory Series
–Server Memory Series
–Overclocking Memory Series

Digital Consumer Products
The industry leader in efficient and stable digital storage solution!

–USB Flash Drives: USB 3.0, AH552, AH351, AH350, AH332, AH130
–Memory Cards: SDXC
–Hard Drive Enclosure: AC203, AC230, AC231, AC232, AC233
–Consumer SSD:ProII Series-AS101 & AS202 & AS203, TurboII Series-AS602 & AS610

Spectacular audio and video entertainment devices to fulfill your digital lifestyle!

–MP3 / MP4 Players: AU221, AU825
–Digital Media Player: AL720, AL830, AL670
–Web Disk

We constantly re-invent our array of tools for your digital life. 

–2.4G Wireless Laser Mouser: M822, M721, M823
–USB Hub: PH152, AP520, AP110, AP310
–Card Reader: AM402, AM403, AM404, AM541, AM102 | © 2011 Apacer Technology Inc. All Rights Reserved.