To install Acronis True Image HD:
‧ Run the Acronis True Image HD setup file.
‧ In the Install Menu, select the program to install: Acronis True Image HD.
‧ Follow the Install Wizard instructions on the screen.
1. Run Acronis True Image HD
  You can run Acronis True Image HD in Windows by selecting Start -> Programs ->Acronis
-> Acronis True Image HD or clicking on the appropriate shortcut on the desktop.

2. Pick a Category:

2.1【Back up】& 【Manage and Restore】
Create a backup of your data; Manage your backups and restore data.
2.2 【Clone Disk】
You can copy partitions of a selected disk to another disk.


3.1Back up

→ Select 〔My Computer
→ Partitions to back up:〔Disk: ( c )
(For Windows 7, please also click Disk: C
(Flag: Pri)
and NTFS(Flag: Pri,Act.))

→ Target backup archive:
D: \ My Documents\MyBackups\
→ Backup method: 〔Full
→ Compression Level:〔Normal
→ 〔Proceed
→ Reboot your computer

Please connect the SATA to USB Adapter with theApacer SSD and the USB slot of your computer.


>>Manage and Restore

  * Please add new disk first to your SSD: Tool→ Add New Disk Wizard: Disk 2 →Proceed

→ SelectManage and Restore
→ Select backup to restore or manage:〔My
; click Restore
→ Choose restoration method Restore whole
disks and partitions

→ Select the items to restore Disk : ( c ) &
MBR and Track 0
(For Windows 7, please also click Disk: C (Flag: Pri) & MBR and Track 0 & NTFS(Flag: Pri,Act.))

→ Specify restore settings of Partition C
Partition location (required) : New Location :
Disk 2 : NTFS (E:)
(Select the drive you wantto restore)〕
─ Partition Type: Change Default:
SelectPrimaryand click Mark the
partition as active

─ Logical drive letter: select Auto
→ Select target disk for MBR restoration: Disk 2(Select the drive you want to restore)〕
→ Restoration priority : Normal
→ Proceed

  3.2 Clone Disk

→ You can choose between either fully automated or manual clone modes: Automatic
→ Select the source hard disk from the list below: Disk 1
→ Select the target hard disk from the list below: Disk 2(Select the drive you want to restore)〕
→ Reboot is required
→ Completed

Power down the computer and make sure the location of your HDD, then remove cover screws.
(Note: Before beginning to install Apacer SSD onto your system, make sure that all power is shut off and that all power cords are unplugged in case of sudden electric discharge that may cause injury or damage to the device.)
Unscrew and take out the HDD
Put the Apacer SSD into your computer.
Installation is complete.Power on your computer and the Apacer SSD is ready to be used.
Use the included screws to secure the assembly and the 2.5” to 3.5” adapter bracket.
Put the assembly into one vacant 3.5” desktop chassis.
Secure the assembly with the mounting screws. Then the process is completed! | ©2012-2013 Apacer Technology Inc. All Rights Reserved.